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Pixelbender Image

I'm currently working on a project where we want to create an audio synthesis tool similar to max/msp or pd in Flash with AS3. One of the problems, as always, is to try and stop the code from eating too much CPU power.

With the release of Flashplayer 10 and the CS4 bundle Adobe has introduced a new shading language called Pixelbender, previously codenamed Hydra. The primary use of this toolkit is to manipulate images at a high speed in tools like Photoshop, After Effects and Flash. Adobe Engineers state, that PB can also be used to compute cpu costly algorithms (number crunchers) on float arrays. Here's how to do it.

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This is a collection of Jitter shaders for the object I created for Karl Kliem. We decided to make them available publicly for you to use. These bundles are for use with Max/MSP & Jitter. If you're a GLSL (the OpenGL Shading Language) developer it is pretty straightforward to extract the GLSL part from the shader files, so go ahead! A Max/MSP helpfile is included with each shader.

Ascii Shader
LED Shader
Bloom Shader

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Tinger Physics

After releasing the game The Adventures of Tinger a week or two ago, I got a few mails by people who were asking how the physics simulation was done in this game. I'll try to clear things up in this post, please feal free to post a comment if you still have any questions.

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