LUMEN is a completely new (different) way to present all kinds of content. Entering LUMEN the user finds himself within a combination of the real and a virtual world.

There is no complicated interface - the interaction is based on natural movement, using nothing more than an ordinary source of light an old-fashioned oil lamp. The user can discover various invisible objects floating around him in virtual space. He cant see the virtual objects, but they do cast shadows onto the walls of LUMEN: when moving the lamp, the shadows of the virtual objects behave like in reality.

This way the user is able to locate those invisible objects. Whenever he enters one of the objects with his source of light, he virtually steps into the object and reveals its content. The content will then be projected onto the walls of the installation.

My part of the project was to develop the 3d projection and video embedding.

Watch: Lumen Movie

Visit Lumen Website to learn more and see a video of lumen in action.

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Installation, 2007

Josef Buchner
Manuel Piepereit
Susanne Woitsch
Philipp Rockel
Tobias Laufer
Robin Rush
Miriam Tetzlaff
Andre Wachter
David Scharf

Watch: Lumen Movie

Visit Lumen Website

Lab 30 Augsburg



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