jitter shader


This is a collection of Jitter shaders for the jit.gl.slab object I created for Karl Kliem. We decided to make them available publicly for you to use. These bundles are for use with Max/MSP & Jitter. If you're a GLSL (the OpenGL Shading Language) developer it is pretty straightforward to extract the GLSL part from the shader files, so go ahead! A Max/MSP helpfile is included with each shader.

Ascii Shader
LED Shader
Bloom Shader

Ascii Shader in action

Ascii Shader

Get: Ascii Shader

LED Shader in action

LED Shader

Get: LED Shader

Bloom Shader in action

Bloom Shader

Get:Bloom Shader

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Emmanuel Flores

Wed 21 July 2010 @ 16:55

Thanks for sharing, the shaders are really nice


Sat 09 October 2010 @ 18:43

Look very interesting, I'm having a look. Big Thanks for sharing!


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