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This page features my work in the field of creative coding.

The vvvv group kindly asked me to create a new website for their ever growing community of VJs and visual artists. The website comes complete with a tagged forum, a shop for licenses, a nice map of the users, a market place where users can share bits of code and a bunch of other useful things.

Visit website and download your copy of vvvv

community site, 2010

David Scharf
Most of the concept

Visit website

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The interactive installation leuchttur.Modular was created by the Augsburg based multimedia artists Lab Binaer. I made the magic work with the help of c++ and open frameworks and also contributed some conceptual and graphical input.

Watch: Leuchtturm

interactive projection, 2009

Concept & Design
Lab Binaer
David Scharf
Tisi Lein
Additional Graphics
André Ljosaj

Watch: Leuchtturm

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BRIQ is a combination of soft- and hardware designed to be used to develop complex digital instruments. The user is able to assemble a hardware interface tailored to his needs, which he then can program with a node-based computer language similar to products such as NI Reaktor, Max MSP or PD.

BRIQ is the diploma thesis of Benedikt Steinle. I developed a software prototype of the node-based computer language in flash, using the new sound API of Flashplayer 10 to actually be able to synthesize sound in flash.

We were planning to release an alpha version to the public at some point, but we're to busy doing other things at the moment, so here is a video for you to see how it works.

Watch: BRIQ Building Synthies 1

flash based synthesizer, 2009

Idea, (Interface-)Design
Benedikt Steinle
Coding & some Interface Design
David Scharf

Watch: BRIQ Building Synthies 1

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The Game Adventures of Tinger is the diploma thesis of André Ljosaj, who created a flash jump'n'run game with the help of my coding abilities.

flash game, 2008

Concept & Design
André Smatik Ljosaj
David Scharf
Deniz Khan

Play the Game!
Video of The Adventures of Tinger

Awards & Recognitions
* Site of the Day at the FWA
* 114k unique visitors up to now

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LUMEN is a completely new (different) way to present all kinds of content. Entering LUMEN the user finds himself within a combination of the real and a virtual world.

Installation, 2007

Josef Buchner
Manuel Piepereit
Susanne Woitsch
Philipp Rockel
Tobias Laufer
Robin Rush
Miriam Tetzlaff
Andre Wachter
David Scharf

Watch: Lumen Movie

Visit Lumen Website

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Interactive Drum'n'Bass Machine

installation, 2006

Concept, Design & Code
David Scharf

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